Friday, October 31, 2008

Pokhara 31.10.


We came to the Pokhara yesterday and it is a beatiful place to be. Nice lake, mountainviews, and lot of good rivers near from here. Today, we did a local river upper Seti in team race style and it was good. For good fun you would need like 200 cubics but 15 was also good. In a couple of minutes we have an appointment with one local kayaker so I think tomorrow morning we are going somewhere close from here to do some good kayaking.

Otherwise, everything is going well and we are ready to huck. Tamba kosi was good but still not enough for four adrenalin junkies. :)

Check out some pictures from Tamba and Marsyandi. Nepali lifestyle including.
Pictures by: Lukas Wielatt
Peace out
Tamba kosi
mountain view from terasse of our hotel
Kathmandu bus station
Ron Fisher - nice big hole :)
Our room and sleeping Basti
Suspention bridge - Ron
me freewheeling on the Tamba, unfortunelly last picture of sequense
Basti - Marsyandi

Nepali sunset

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