Saturday, October 18, 2008

Namaste from Nepal

Last week I have spent on the Bhote kosi river and Balephi kola river. We paddled with Sebastian Striebel from Germany and were having good fun. We lived in a hotel for 1 euro per person, ate for 2 euros per day, took a bus rides for 50 cents and then spent the same money for two or three beers. :)
Otherwise, the rivers are quite bigger thean they seems from the bus, haha. Asia is so nice place to be for kayaking and taking busrides on the roof which is like local adrenalin sport.

I just came back from Bhote kosi river to the Kathmandu for pick up Ron Fisher and Lukas Wielatt from Switzerland. We are leaving to Marsiandi river and something around for the warm up with them and also paddle the beautiful Marsiandi. Then we are planning to paddle Sun kosi and all the inflows of it.

Stay tuned for some pictures. The connection is pretty slow and we have not many good shots.
See yah bros and sis! :)

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