Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marsyandi river

Hey all,
Right now back in Kathmandu after 50 kms of paddling on the beautiful Marsyandi river. Marsyandi is middle volume class 4 4+ but just awesome. There is still something going on and you have a lot of fun out there. Right after this post we are leaving to east again to paddle upperupper Bhote kosi and Tamba kosi which should be fun. For the next eastern rivers we need a lower water so we will come back there in four weeks or so.
After upper bhote and tamba we go to Pokhara. To paddle something around and then we go to upper Karnali and also some mission on the west...
Stay tuned for the pictures. Waiting is getting shorter no worries :)

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bouky said...

nepalu zdar.kam razite dal.posli foto,aspon maly.sedim v kanclu a cekam na fotky z nepalskych rek.-)zatim zdar carel