Friday, October 31, 2008

Mission upperupperupper Madi khola is beginning

Yesterday evening we spoke with one local guy and he advised us the first descent fo Madi khola from Annapurna basecamp. That means 5 days of hiking up and then serious whitewater kayaking. Today we have a day off because Luke and Basti feel quite sick and tomorrow morning we start the mission. I am looking forward to paddle something big. It is already time for it. :)

Pokhara 31.10.


We came to the Pokhara yesterday and it is a beatiful place to be. Nice lake, mountainviews, and lot of good rivers near from here. Today, we did a local river upper Seti in team race style and it was good. For good fun you would need like 200 cubics but 15 was also good. In a couple of minutes we have an appointment with one local kayaker so I think tomorrow morning we are going somewhere close from here to do some good kayaking.

Otherwise, everything is going well and we are ready to huck. Tamba kosi was good but still not enough for four adrenalin junkies. :)

Check out some pictures from Tamba and Marsyandi. Nepali lifestyle including.
Pictures by: Lukas Wielatt
Peace out
Tamba kosi
mountain view from terasse of our hotel
Kathmandu bus station
Ron Fisher - nice big hole :)
Our room and sleeping Basti
Suspention bridge - Ron
me freewheeling on the Tamba, unfortunelly last picture of sequense
Basti - Marsyandi

Nepali sunset

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Warm up pictures


Finally we have a rest day beacuse of Napali banda, which means that the roads are closed and there are some demonstrations going on. So here are some picures from the warm up week. Tomorrow we are going to upper Bhote kosi and Tamba kosi which should be fun bacause of high water. Then it is time to go to Pokhara and wild west.

Stay tuned :)

Pictures by: Sebastian Striebel
me on the Balephi kola
me Balephi kola
bus ride back to Kathmandu
little hiking to Marsyandi
Nepali boy with Sebastian' s sunglasses
easy rapid on Balephi kola

bus ride up to Balephi

Beach break

Waiting for the bus

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marsyandi river

Hey all,
Right now back in Kathmandu after 50 kms of paddling on the beautiful Marsyandi river. Marsyandi is middle volume class 4 4+ but just awesome. There is still something going on and you have a lot of fun out there. Right after this post we are leaving to east again to paddle upperupper Bhote kosi and Tamba kosi which should be fun. For the next eastern rivers we need a lower water so we will come back there in four weeks or so.
After upper bhote and tamba we go to Pokhara. To paddle something around and then we go to upper Karnali and also some mission on the west...
Stay tuned for the pictures. Waiting is getting shorter no worries :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Namaste from Nepal

Last week I have spent on the Bhote kosi river and Balephi kola river. We paddled with Sebastian Striebel from Germany and were having good fun. We lived in a hotel for 1 euro per person, ate for 2 euros per day, took a bus rides for 50 cents and then spent the same money for two or three beers. :)
Otherwise, the rivers are quite bigger thean they seems from the bus, haha. Asia is so nice place to be for kayaking and taking busrides on the roof which is like local adrenalin sport.

I just came back from Bhote kosi river to the Kathmandu for pick up Ron Fisher and Lukas Wielatt from Switzerland. We are leaving to Marsiandi river and something around for the warm up with them and also paddle the beautiful Marsiandi. Then we are planning to paddle Sun kosi and all the inflows of it.

Stay tuned for some pictures. The connection is pretty slow and we have not many good shots.
See yah bros and sis! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bahrain 12th October

Heya all,
I am waiting in Bahrain for the flight to Kathmandu and getting looking forward to this trip. After bullshits on Check-in in Frankfurt where I had to pay 370 USD for an oversize and overweight and forgot it and hope that everything will be OK since know..
Stay tuned for updates from Nepal kayaking.