Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yule creek pictures

By the beginning of last week I got a day off to go kayaking. Called Demshitz crew and the word was a Yule Creek. One of my favourite runs in Colorado so far. Little creek flowing into Crystal creek from the left side has tons of big stuff to do! On the way up we checked the waterlevel and it seemed little low but totally runnable. After hike in and like a mile of warm up rapids we came to horizon line which means two big slides and technical moves coming up!

Great pictures taken by Nicole Mansfield
The wors ones by Jakub from the river...

Graham Seiler in the "warm ups"

Scouting the first technical combination

Jared firing up the entry waterfall

David Fusilli taking a right slot in the "Wall Ride" slide

Jared on the perfect line of "Wall Ride"

Entry waterfall and Wall ride slide is the first part of big ones on the Yule. Right after that you get to horizon line which brings a big slide called “Oriental massage”. We got out and scouted. It was little rocky and shallow. Looked good though so we ran it.

Jakub getting Oriental massage on the Yule

Jared running last drop on Yule

..and gigling after successful run

Demshitz brothers Dave Fusilli and Jared Seiler paddling over the lake to take out

Our paddle/photo/video/rescue crew ;)

On the next day I had to be back in Vail area working hard. Kayaking along with raft trips. So we did easier section of Crystal creek down below and rallied home. It was a great trip and I cant wait for another one like this one.

You better stay fired up for video!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Gilman Gorge video and pictures

Week before Teva games I got a phone call from the boss of Timberline tours in Colorado that they are looking for a safety kayaker for this summer. Chance of getting paid, being able to kayak every day doesnt come every day so I said “Yes, of course!”

These days I kayak every day. Safety kayaking for rafting trips in the morning and almost every afternoon I go out to explore or run something harder. One of my favourite runs around here is Gilman Gorge on the Upper Eagle river. Enjoy short headcam video from my run I did with my buddies Sam and Brandon yesterday!

Yesterday started raining a lot and its cold. Because of that, river trips got cancelled today so I took advantage to post up some pictures for you guys. Hope you will like them!

So nice to see snow in the middle of June

One of the funnest rapids on the Gilman Gorge

Sam scouting Slory Pipe rapid

Kiwi dude Ryan Lucas firing up Slory Pipe

Stay tuned!!!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Homestake race with a headcam

Teva mountain games kicked off on Thursday with Steep creek championships on the Homestake creek. Its such a great event, 55 best kayakers from all over the world come every year to show their skills on manky class V whitewater. In the first run I was 9th, so I tried really hard in second run. Unfortunatelly, at the bottom section I lost few seconds not being on the fastest line. That meant 11th place overall.

Right now I am waking up at 6am to get ready for downriver sprint and freestyle kayak semi finals. Its gonna be fun!!!