Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New year

I am just sitting behind the computer after a while and I want to wish you good luck for a 2009 year. I already finished 2008 season with the awesome run of Huka falls. Unfortunelly, I have just couple of pics and now I am more tired than I would like to be. I am working near Napier and i stay by my mates house and it is really good place to be. Today after work I have tried a water ski and it was really good fun. If someone will have an option to try it, just do it!
Otherwise, sorry that I didnt post pics from Huka falls but I want to go to the bed. Have to wake up at five am so i will do it as soon as possible...
Party hard

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

X-mass update


After couple of weeks I finally got to some pictures of me and my mates Martin Bednar and Pavel Hurtik. I have met them in Auckland and it was random as hell. I was out of money and they had a car. Finally they said I can join with them in a car so we work and paddle together.
Now, based at a Papamoa beach and building a house. So we can go to surf the ocean and Kaituna is still just 40 mins from here. Last weekend we have been on Wairoa and I hope you will like the pictures from there. Otherwise, still collecting money pretty much to have enough for live and way to the west coast. Cant wait for it. hope all of you guys are having fun at the Christmass time.

Check out some pictures from last days and stay tuned for a head cam movie from kaituna. Trying to upload now but we are connect to some wireless around here and it is pretty bad connection...
Merry X-mass

Paul at the wairoa

Me and Paul on one of the nicest drops

bush section of Wairoa

Rotorua lake

Painting hard :)

McLaren falls, can u find my paddle on the top?

Last drop on the Wairoa

Beautiful landscape around Tahepe

me at the Wairoa

pictures by Martin Bednar - Thanks!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kaituna update

Right now having a lunch brake in Sunspots kayakshop where I make paddles. Awesome time because after work i paddle couple of runs on Kaituna every day. I guess will stay here for one or two weeks and then go to do some classic north island stuff like Huka falls or Wairoa. Hopefully will do some pictures to post. :) After New years party and after i have some more money will move down to the south island to paddle some hard shit. Cant wait for it. Then, I hope will find some good job near Queenstown so will be able to earn some money and move to BC and California.
Otherwise, for Czech guys bored in their sofas. On Sunday 21st you can watch some footage and talk about Nepal. it is gonna be on TV Prima at 9 am. Svet 2008. Enjoy...
Then I wish Merry X-mass to all of UUUUUUUUUUUU guys. have a nice time and party hard. :)
Peaaaaaace out bros

Friday, December 5, 2008

Auckland 6.12.


Finally, based in Auckland for tonight and checking out some wreck cars. Then I can go down the island and find some job and kayaking. Hell yeah.

New zealand seems pretty good about the people and scenery but I am still stucked here in a city. I am pretty much looking forward to see some mountains and rivers but this is coming. Soooon!

Peace out