Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Picture courtesy of Meg Smith - Thanks a lot!!!

All the best to you in 2010!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rider Of The Year Awards

Check out http://www.rideroftheyear.org/ to see some cool lines, big drops, styled tricks and heaps more!!!!

All the best in the year 2010!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cover picture of Hydromag No. 6/12


Stoked to let you know about this issue of Czech whitewater magazine called Hydro. Main topic is a pro boating which means heaps of good pictures, my article from North America and interview with bunch of pro boaters including myslef...

Also check out the cover picture with me first descenting the Tapestry falls in Alberta/Canada. Courtesy of Bryan Kirk

Thanks guys from http://hydromag.cz

Have a great day

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toxaway river and Ravens fork video!!!

Nice video by Gareth Tate from the Toxaway river and Ravens fork river...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Green river pics


Some pictures from Green river to check out. Also two more from Overflow river we ran yesterday. 

Have a good day

Pictures courtesy of Megan Smith and Jakub Nemec

Frankenstein rapid @ Green

Gorilla bro

Sunshine rapid

Meg stylin the stout

Overflow put in

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Toxaway river 29th October

Yo, After Russel Fork festival we moved to Asheville to hit some spicy rapids. Classic run on the Green river was sick. Super cruisy river.

Today steep freeride and sliding the shit out of it @ Toxaway river.

Comes from the Toxaway lake in one of the oldest mountains on the world. The Appalachians. After dam burst in 20th of last century gorge got really smooth and stayed steep.

Takes like 6 hours and its totally worth it. Even tho there is a bitch hike out 4 miles long.

Check out some pictures - Courtesy of Laura Farrell

Put in slide

Chad running Energizer rapid

Random rapid - Chriss

Jakub @ Landbridge

Sun was shinning above bony 40/40 rapid

Bottom of Landbridge rapid/slide

Billy launchin´

Edge of Winter green slide

Bottom of Winter green

Rollin´ in


Thursday, October 22, 2009

HONEST trailer

Whad up,
Here we go. Check out trailer of my upcoming kayak movie. Hope you will like it and get fired up cuz the whole film will be way way better. ;)
Have a nice day

Monday, September 21, 2009

Devils X race movie

Short movie from Devils X race below the Lipno dam. Edited by Karel Hlavacek - Thanks a lot

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oetztaler ache...

...check out bunch of nice pictures from one of the best European rivers...
60 kilometers of class 2-6
runs 365 days per year
Its fukn freezing.. :)

So much fun out there..
Thanks for pictures to PAVEL BENDL

bridge to bridge section - fun level


cool views...
Sweet lines and see ya out there!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Devils extreme race 2009

After yesterday is whole race done. We organised it with Mira Kodada and Jirka Kopecny. There are also thanks to Eliska, Marta, Krakora, Stepan, Romik, Medved and Vobejda who helped us to make it happened. There was sweet slalom, sprint, kayak cross and team race thru the whole thing too.

I am stoked becausee I won the Czech kayak cross championship. I organised the race I won sounds good doesnt it?

Have a good day and check out pictures from Hanka Bubnikova and Honza Herstik - Thanks!!!

Final heat of kayak cross

entering the section for team race

One of the semifinals

Going for the touch = myself


another one...

Right after start
Have fun on the river... Jakub

Monday, August 24, 2009

Devils X race invitation

After long way from British Columbia to Colorado over White Salmon river, North fork of Payette and sweet M wave there was time to race again. This time at Gore canyon race. Its such a sweet run and its cool race section. I finally ended up first in main class over 8 feet and under 10 feet. And also 3rd overall which is cool because its together with rafts and long boats...

I also wanna invite all people to Czech championships in extreme kayaking and kayak cross this weekend. Event is organized at really good section of class 3 to class 5-. There is a sprint, slalom, kayak cross, team race and freeriding in the rest of time. Bet if you will come you will have fun! 

For more info check out http://devilsextremerace.com

Have a nice day

Monday, August 3, 2009

BC update

Yo dudes,

Kayaking in BC is sick. Surfing Skookumchuck wave and doing some fun rivers around Whistler and Squamish. Love it so much. There is nothing to say, just check out these awesome pictures taken by Robert Peerson...

Have a nice day

First drop on upper Check river

Starfish on the Skookumchuck

Upper Check

Kelsey Thomson stylin it - Helix

Bryan Kirk on the upper Check

Kelsey pan am

upper Check

Bryan cleanin it up

Sunset at Skookumchuck narrows

Pictures by: Robert Peerson - Thanks a lot!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One week in Canada

Hi all,

After one week of running the shit in British Columbia and Alberta in Canada I am on my way to Salt lake city. Outdoor retailer show is beginning in few days and we have to set up Confluence demos and promos. Though now is a time to make an update from last week. Lot of things happened. I ve met new friends. We ve run some new rivers and there was one bad injury too. Its reminding me to stay safe and do what I wanna do and not whats good for pictures and video. Can definitely recommend that to all the people. But I love to be scared before running some hard shit and be stoked after I ran it. Its hard to decide...

Its definitely more dangerous to watch TV and drive car though. So lets go kayaking!


Pictures: Bryan Kirk - Thanks!

Our crew: Trip Jennings, Andy Maser, Scott Feindel, Bryan Kirk and myself

First descent of Wapta falls - me

First descent of Tapestry falls - me

Trip Jennings taking footage of Andy Maser on a cool 30 footer

Nice canyon on the South Ram - cool overnighter with sweet 80 footer :)

100 footer at the put in of South Ram - next time :)

Pictures by Bryan Kirk - Thanks a lot!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Upper Cherry creekin'


Happy to be alive after 4 days mission middle, west and upper Cherry like 10 days ago. Upper was too high and that was an oppurnity to come back again few days later with Tim Collins, Eric Giddens and Jake. Was great. We took our time to scout and stay safe. We did all the shit includinng Gorilla, Cherry bomb gorge, Double pot hole, Kiwi in the pocket and Dead bear with leadin.

All of you who can, just get out there. Its flowin perfect for few more days. I am getting scared already because tomorrow we should meet with Epicocity and Wave sport crew to do some shooting and run big waterfalls. Hope will survive it. :)

Have fun

Pictures: Eric Giddens - Thanks!

Exhausted after hiking

Dead bear - jakub

Put in slide - Timmy

Cherry bomb falls - me

Gorilla rapid

Dead bear - Tim

Scenic Cherry creek