Monday, August 24, 2009

Devils X race invitation

After long way from British Columbia to Colorado over White Salmon river, North fork of Payette and sweet M wave there was time to race again. This time at Gore canyon race. Its such a sweet run and its cool race section. I finally ended up first in main class over 8 feet and under 10 feet. And also 3rd overall which is cool because its together with rafts and long boats...

I also wanna invite all people to Czech championships in extreme kayaking and kayak cross this weekend. Event is organized at really good section of class 3 to class 5-. There is a sprint, slalom, kayak cross, team race and freeriding in the rest of time. Bet if you will come you will have fun! 

For more info check out

Have a nice day

Monday, August 3, 2009

BC update

Yo dudes,

Kayaking in BC is sick. Surfing Skookumchuck wave and doing some fun rivers around Whistler and Squamish. Love it so much. There is nothing to say, just check out these awesome pictures taken by Robert Peerson...

Have a nice day

First drop on upper Check river

Starfish on the Skookumchuck

Upper Check

Kelsey Thomson stylin it - Helix

Bryan Kirk on the upper Check

Kelsey pan am

upper Check

Bryan cleanin it up

Sunset at Skookumchuck narrows

Pictures by: Robert Peerson - Thanks a lot!