Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo of the day!

Few days ago my friend Shon Douglas Cottrill posted this picture from last year. We were up in Alberta/Canada. We had good times and ran South Ram river. Its cool overnighter with this huge 80 ish footer. Big first D miles away from civilization... Cant wait for more days like that. Soon though, stay tuned! 

Happy holiday and all the best in 2011! 


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fall on the East Coast

Since mid September I have been hanging out and kayaking around East coast of the US. Its been fun times for sure. I found a job to make money for some kayaking trip in winter and have been living with my wifes family in Pennsylvania. Of course we took some weeks off to go kayaking, explored what big boys PA has for us and did some playboating on our local playhole on weekends. 

Here is a bunch of sick pictures for you to check.
Courtesy of Meg Smith

Jared Seiler scouting roosting stout in Nothern Pennsylvania

After not even two weeks in PA there came a huge rain and I got a phone call from my friends Jared and Graham Seilers to go run the shit. Those guys grew up here and stayed for fall as well so I was ready to see what Pennsylvania has to offer. It was sweet. 

Check out this roosting stout and Jared firing it up!

In October there was not much going on except work, kayaking flatwater, playboating and paddling the Upper Yough. We did a lot of mountain biking and I was looking forward to go visit North Carolina again and run some of the classic rivers out there. 

I love to mountain bike when there is no river to run and there is work to do. So easy, convenience, fun and taking just for a few hours. 

Anyway, by the end of October we bounded to North Carolina to kayak and compete in Green Race. We hung out around Asheville for over a week, talked to a lot of friends, kayaked heaps and got to see Astral LE4 Meg designed. 

HAving a lot of fun on Green River

Spanking the monkey!

Cruising down slides below Gorilla

Meg bombing down Rapid Transit

Jakub doing left line in Sunshine

Unfortunately, North Carolina didnt get much rain when we were there so we had to kayak the Green for most of a time, which is sweet though.

Getting interviewed for a Green Race daily coverage

During the Green race week we visited our friend Charlie and his parents who have a JEt ski we rode. Good times

GREEN RACE is definitely my most favourite race in the world. No doubt. Friendly atmosphere, amazing river and all the cool kayakers make this event more than just special. 

This is my race run in Gorilla part of the river. Such a good times

When we came back home from North Carolina we already missed Green river and our friends from ASheville. Its so cool down there. Beautiful mountains, creeks and great people. 

Now the winter is here and no snow, just cold while mountains out west are getting covered with deep powder. Its kinda said we cant go ski and snowboard because Megs knee was dislocated this fall and its not in skiing shape yet. All we gotta do is work till end of December and go kayak somewhere down South. Where is still unanswered question but I will keep yall posted for sure. 

Here is what we do while we are not working or kayaking. 

Rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, running. Having good times while were not working and making money for January and February kayaking/filming/picture and waterfall hunting mission down south...

Have a great winter whatever you do!!!