Friday, May 28, 2010

Homestake creek practice - Day 1 and 2

Hi all,

Just got to Colorado yesterday and started cruising at the Homestake creek to get ready for Teva mountain games. Tonihgt heading to CKS fest in Buena Vista, then OBJ creek, Yule creek, Barrel springs and much more before heading back here next week!

Pictures courtesy of Meg Smith - Thanks!!!
Check out more of her great job at

Went for a run and scout of the Gilman gorge

First steeper part of the race section

Fun part about to begin...


Such a good picture - thanks Meg!

Bottom drop-pool-drop rapids

Last drop

Lets go one more time

Thats what can happen to you at high elavation...

Stay tuned

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Video of my day

Hi all,

Right now, we are on the way to Colorado for Teva games, some amazing creeks and kayak races.

Edited this video on our stopover in Salt Lake City.
Its my usual day in California

Have a nice day

Saturday, May 15, 2010

South Branch of the Feather video!

Hi all,

All good here in Cali. Last week was full of kayaking. Upper middle Cosumnes, South Yuba, South Branch twice and South Yuba again on the way back.

Working weekends and kayaking on weekdays - way to do it except the money are pretty low then... ;)

Anyway, Check out movie I edited after first run on the South Branch. Hope you will like it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

South Branch of Middle Feather, CA


After not even a year I am back in California, my favourite place to kayak. Found a job and ran one of the best rivers out here in last days.
South Branch of the Feather river

Enjoy great pictures from Darin McQuoid and Laura Ferell

Jakub on one of the 10 footer boofs

Everyone says its 50 feet but its not that big...

Will Styling the line of 99 problems drop - stout 40 footer with tight line

Jakub backfreewheeling one of the 20 footers on the run

Jakub stomping it!

Will on the 45 footer

Time to take a break and take out.. ;)

South Yuba run on the way back - Meg styling the ski jump drop

Smooth boofs!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

California warm up!!!


After ski season in Utah we drove 600 miles to California. Warmed up @ North fork American river and South Yuba. Started raining, got broke, looking for a job in Coloma, getting ready for the GOODS OF CALIFORNIA in next weeks!!!!
Its gonna be a good summer out here...

Leaving Utah

Driving thru Nevada

Putting on high water South Yuba

It can rain out here too!

Meg in melow part

Do you like my 2010 outfit??? ;)


With Sweet gear is any weather good

Stay tuned for some action pictures!

Jakub and Meg