Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake creek pictures

When I posted video called My Home I called Pine creek rapid my home run. It is true but its easy, accessable, convenience and fun run. In this blogpost I would love to introduce you some of my best home runs ever called Lake creek. It flows in valley next to the road no. 82 called Independence Pass. Most of the summer its really high and running bottom section would be pretty hard core. You can run upper section though and it includes some fun class IV-V kayaking. This time of a year waterlevel drops low enough to run bottom two miles including 4 big and very fun rapids and tons of boogie whitewater in between.

The best thing about it is that is just 20 minuttes drive from my place. Welcome on the Lake creek photo tour

First rapid of the bottom section called Brains

First rapid called Brains because of big bubble at the bottom of the first drop. Better boof it! Right after that you have few hundred meters of boogie class III-IV before you get out on the left to scout rapid called Paralizer.

Paralizer rapid from the river right

Paralizer has a very tight line on the left. If you hit it good you get sick air a great feeling landing just few inches next to big chunk of rock. In case you would get pushed right you would probably find out why is this rapid called Paralizer.. After few runs almost better not to scout and just have fun. ;)

Enjoying air time landing next to sketchy and dangerous rocks

This is great view of Paralizer from the bottom. You can see the rock you wanna stay away from on the river right.

Cleaning the line on Paralizer

Right below Paralizer there is another quite sketchy rapid called Kiss me. It is a slot going from the river right to left right under ugly rock. I ran it just once and I got pinted to the rock for a few seconds. It was pretty wet kiss I gave to the rock and it wasnt easy to roll back up. Made it eventually though.

Kiss on the Lake creek means getting pushed against the rock

After Kiss me rock you have about mile of great and fun class III-IV whitewater to enjoy. Below artificial 5 feet boof eddy out on the right to scout last big rapid called Cauldron. Its easy class IVish lead in with tight technical drop at the bottom. Coming from the right to the left into tight slot with some undercuts I always go deep no matter what. Probably need more laps on this creek to line up this one..

Entry in Cauldron rapid

Running tight Cauldron chute

Bottom of Cauldron is nice technical right hand curve where you can totally ride the wall. Its pretty fun!

Crusing down the last move on the river

Once you get to the bottom of the creek it melows out and your feelings are really good. To me it still feels like pretty hard class V even though I ran it like five times already. Section is just 2 miles long but excitement you get on all 4 big rapids is as much as a full day river. After you take out on the left under old broken bridge drive the shuttle or go for a nice high elavation run to the top which kicks your ass.

Kicking it next to Twin Lakes where Lake creek comes into

Have a great day!