Sunday, July 18, 2010

June Video Update

Last week has been pretty busy for me. Have been working as a safety kayaker on Arkansas river, kayaked every day after work, worked for catering company making lunches at nights and also edited movie from June spent in Colorado. Here it is, hope you will like it.

Only 20 minuttes drive from my place there is a nice river flowing down the steep valley. Couldnt be any better its flowing at the perfect flow these days. Its called Lake creek and you can expect a bigger update and better pictures in next days. Here is a few freeze frames from my Go Bro waterproof camera.

Great double drop as an entry rapid

Dropping down into "Kiss me" rapid with nice undercut on the bottom

This is just two rapids out of whole 2 miles long run. The biggest and best rapid is called Paralizer and has some nasty stuff in there. You dont wanna miss the line. My lines were all good though and we got some nice footage and pictures. Stay fired up for the next update!

View I get if I hike up the hill at my place not bad huh?

Fireworks on 4th of July Independence Day

To see more pictures from Lake Creek visit: Sweet Protection Blog

Have a great summer!!!