Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Toxaway river 29th October

Yo, After Russel Fork festival we moved to Asheville to hit some spicy rapids. Classic run on the Green river was sick. Super cruisy river.

Today steep freeride and sliding the shit out of it @ Toxaway river.

Comes from the Toxaway lake in one of the oldest mountains on the world. The Appalachians. After dam burst in 20th of last century gorge got really smooth and stayed steep.

Takes like 6 hours and its totally worth it. Even tho there is a bitch hike out 4 miles long.

Check out some pictures - Courtesy of Laura Farrell

Put in slide

Chad running Energizer rapid

Random rapid - Chriss

Jakub @ Landbridge

Sun was shinning above bony 40/40 rapid

Bottom of Landbridge rapid/slide

Billy launchin´

Edge of Winter green slide

Bottom of Winter green

Rollin´ in



Fred Norquist said...

fuck yea jakub that looks sick ball motherfuckin dems needs to come out west and run stouts with me... fuck the green race

Susan Hollingsworth said...

yea man...such a cult down there this time of year. Enjoy the scene! cant wait for your video. Give meg my love!