Monday, July 6, 2009

Upper Cherry creekin'


Happy to be alive after 4 days mission middle, west and upper Cherry like 10 days ago. Upper was too high and that was an oppurnity to come back again few days later with Tim Collins, Eric Giddens and Jake. Was great. We took our time to scout and stay safe. We did all the shit includinng Gorilla, Cherry bomb gorge, Double pot hole, Kiwi in the pocket and Dead bear with leadin.

All of you who can, just get out there. Its flowin perfect for few more days. I am getting scared already because tomorrow we should meet with Epicocity and Wave sport crew to do some shooting and run big waterfalls. Hope will survive it. :)

Have fun

Pictures: Eric Giddens - Thanks!

Exhausted after hiking

Dead bear - jakub

Put in slide - Timmy

Cherry bomb falls - me

Gorilla rapid

Dead bear - Tim

Scenic Cherry creek

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