Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Upper upper Bhote Kosi

Right now we are hanging out in a Kathmandu after cool three days of kayaking on the upper section of Bhote kosi river. River is flowing from the Tibet and right after borders there is a power station. First possible put-in on the Nepali side is behind the power house so we put-in up there.
First part of river is really nice class 4 4+ boulder creek style. It is like four kilometers and then is upcoming class 5 rapid with hard entry and hole in the first slide and quite rocky drop is right behind it. Good rapid. After one portage (possible runnable but too rocky) there are some nice class 4+ rapids again for like 5 ks. Around the middle of this part there is a big syphon but with easy chicken line on left. Right behind is coming really nice gorge with some easier rapids and a suspention bridge at the top that is used for bungee jumps and swings. Really nice place.
me at the first rapid

Ron at the second drop of a first rapid

Behind the gorge the river turns into the left and makes two class 5 rapids with two trashy holes. Definitely not good place for swimming. :) Behind this part is coming the borderland resort that is put in for the classic part down to the dam lake which is still really good these days but no more that funny class 4. We have paddled the upper section for the first time on Sunday and took us almost all day. On Monday we did the second run double fun and on Tuesday Ron and Luke went for a bungee swing and jump and I paddled myself because Basti was just hanging.. Bhote kosi is really one of the best rivers in Nepal. Together with Humla and upper Karnali definitely one of my most favourite rivers over here.
me at the last hole of the upper section

Lukas boofing one of the trashy holes

Ron sliding down to the river after portage

Tomorrow we are heading off to the Trisuli event. This year called Mountain dew himalayan whitewater challenge. Hope it is gonna be good fun. There are Xslalom, freestyle and downriver race and you are able to use just one kayak so I am looking forward some newschool freestyle with my Habitat 80 haha.


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