Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mission changed again :)

After a cool hang out in Pokhara during the day we changed our plans. Madi khola is like 10 cumecs creek and we came for some bigger rivers so we go to the Nepalganj where we will take a flight to upper Karnali. After that the water drop little bit down and we will go to the upper Khali Gandaki which is one of the deepest gorges on the world and volume is over 100 cubics. The gorge is situated between Annapurna and one another 8000 mountain. Sounds good because it is pretty steep and there is a lot of possible runnable places. Hope we will do most of them... Write more later

1 comment:

kača said...

docela huste si jezdite..
super, ze pises vzkazy, neboj cteme je:)
a pozdravuj capky!