Monday, May 2, 2011

Italian Alps

After cool two weeks in Corsica me, Meg and Jakub Sedivy moved up north into European mainland. Exactly Sesia river valley in Italy that offers some granite world class kayaking all year long. We also met upú with professional filmmaker Petr Kaspar, his wife Jana and Pavel Pilka Faustus and started our filming/kayaking mission. Weather was cold, rained a lot and waterlevels werent too high. Good enough for some classic fun rivers like Sorba, Equa and upper Mastalone where we spent a long time setting up ropes for filming, thinking about new HD movie techniques and of course kayaking.

Feels good to be back in Alps

And kayak with friends

Meg riding Sorba slides

The biggest thing we have run last week is definitely Devils Slide on Sorba river me and Jakub S. fired up. Good lines, good times, sweet footage and these amazing pictures taken by Meg Smith. Thanks!
Entry drop into the šit

Massive Devils Slide, Sorba river

Here is a short movie from my headcam on Devils Slide. Looks pretty intense just like this but footage from other three cameras we got is way cool!

Meg on Equa river

Jakub rippin it

Cruising down Zkumavka

Such a good times HD filming and kayaking in Alps. Place I went into since I started with whitewater kayaking. Sweet granite slides and never ending options to go just a little bit bigger.

Have fun and enjoy the spring!

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