Friday, May 7, 2010

South Branch of Middle Feather, CA


After not even a year I am back in California, my favourite place to kayak. Found a job and ran one of the best rivers out here in last days.
South Branch of the Feather river

Enjoy great pictures from Darin McQuoid and Laura Ferell

Jakub on one of the 10 footer boofs

Everyone says its 50 feet but its not that big...

Will Styling the line of 99 problems drop - stout 40 footer with tight line

Jakub backfreewheeling one of the 20 footers on the run

Jakub stomping it!

Will on the 45 footer

Time to take a break and take out.. ;)

South Yuba run on the way back - Meg styling the ski jump drop

Smooth boofs!!!

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