Friday, June 5, 2009

Yule creek, Teva games........CO warm up

yo bros and sis,

Came to Buena Vista, CO like two weeks ago to join with Paddle fest event and do Pine creek rapid and Numbers rapids on the Arkansas river. After couple of days I came to Edwards to visit friend of mine Tim Kennedy and paddle with him. We met kiwi guys Sam Sutton and Bradley Louder. We drove with them to the Yule creek. Met with Bryan Kirk, Rush Sturges, Fred and Nick and hit really nice and big rapids. That was a good run and on the next day we did a classic Oh b joyful creek on the other side of mountains. Was a good fun. After that we drove to Homestake river for some competing on Teva mountain games. Nowadays we are competing and having fun on Teva moutain games in Vail. Friend of mine Honza Lasko from Czech did well. Fourth place on Homestake steep creek race. I fucked it up and did 16th place. Looking for a ride to California to join with Ron Fischer and do some overnights.... Cant wait for it. Will  let yah know. Have a good one.

gear up on the OBJ creek

Kelsey on OBJ

Johnny on the entry drop

Honza Lasko competing on the Homestake

Bradley launching massive slide on the Yule creek

Sam doing the last one on Yule

me on da Yule creek

warm up part of Yule creek

pictures by: Bryan Kirk and Eva Fillova - Thanks!

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