Tuesday, March 10, 2009

World tour cancelled! Lets go snowbaording


After a while I decided to stay in Queenstown for winter and spring. Already started to snow and might gonna do a bouncer in one club. That means work in night and free time during the day. Cant wait for some snowboarding.

After year of kayaking i am quite fed up and dont want to chase myself for some kayaking succes cause everyone is gonna forget it soon. Competition is nothing in real live and rivers are place to relax, not to work or compete.

i fsome of my sponsors are not happy. Just spot supporting me. I want to paddle for myself and have a good time on the river with good friends.

So no california and canada. maybe next year. Maybe after couple of weeks without kayaking. Never say never!

Have a good one

PS: Might gonna post some pics from nevis river because its awesome creek. Who knows